Dog tattoo indentification offers a permanent and visible means of identifying your pet in cases where they are lost or stolen.

Applied within seconds but lasting a lifetime, it requires no anaesthetic or sedation.

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Dispelling the myths

Why is dog identification so important?

  • Permanent, safe, visible identification
  • It's reliable, cannot migrate or be removed
  • Excellent deterrent to dog thieves
  • Puppies can be safely identified from just six weeks old
  • Puppies tattooed in the litter are jointly registered to both owner and breeder, ensuring a point of contact should the owner be unavailable and this may also reduce the number of dogs going into rescues
  • The tattoo is an ideal means of identification for dogs being tested for genetically inherited diseases and also for dogs in exhibition trial or fieldwork where it is a necessity to have positive visual identification
  • It is cost effective to both individual owners and breeders


Litter tattooing - £7 per puppy
Individual adults or puppies and lifetime registration - £25
Change of ownership from breeder - £25
Change of address - Free
Temporary arrangements - Free

Special offer for breeders

Special rates are available for breeders, please call us on 01255 552455 or e-mail us directly

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